image of a disconnected downspoutThings to consider before disconnecting a downspout:

  • Ensure there is a suitable area for the water to discharge from the downspout
  • Ensure downspouts are disconnected and drained properly away from the foundation walls and directly to a storage device (e.g. a rain barrel), your lawn or garden.
  • When disconnecting downspouts, remember not to drain directly onto neighbouring properties, lanes or sidewalks.
  • It is recommended that the disconnected downspouts be extended to discharge water at least 1 meter from any structure's foundation (including your neighbour’s) or public sidewalk and 2.5 meters from retaining walls.
  • Ensure the ground slopes away from the house for a minimum of 1 meter.
  • Use a splash pad to help direct the flow of water and protect against erosion.
  • Ensure eavestroughs are clean and drain properly.
  • Obtain professional advice and service from a knowledgeable and licensed roofer, eaves trough contractor or civil engineer.

Step-by-step procedure to disconnect your downspouts.

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