Stormwater Management Strategy

Markham's Stormwater Management Strategy is a set of programs and projects that serve to advance City policies and meet the regulatory requirements related to the operation and maintenance of our drainage systems, and to implement priority capacity upgrades of storm sewer networks. The results of this strategy help the City achieve its strategic priorities related to environmental protection (policies to protect land, water, habitat and living species) and to delivery of cost-effective and responsive municipal services. Programs and projects also help the City achieve desired level of services goals consistent its broader asset management planning framework.

Our stormwater management strategy activities have been classified into broad categories including:

Storm Water CulvertThe Strategy is carried out in close partnership with local and provincial agencies that have roles in regulation of water resources and natural heritage systems. Activities within the strategy are funded through a combination of sources including:

  • Property taxes;
  • Development/growth-related charges;
  • Grants: and
  • Cost-sharing.

The Stormwater Management Strategy was developed after consultation with various stakeholder, community meetings, and presentations to Council. For consultation process and flood control funding, visit the Council Presentations section for details.

If you would like more information or if you would like to make a comment on Markham's Stormwater Management Strategy or funding sources, please email

Facts & Figures on Markham's Stormwater System

Markham stormwater infrastructure represents a considerable investment built up over decades and consists of:

  • 743 km of storm sewers
  • 176 km of ditches
  • 11,400 manholes
  • 20,000 catch basins
  • 301 sewer outfalls
  • 4,500 culverts, and
  • 70 stormwater management facilities (ponds), and
  • 2 stormwater pumping stations 
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