West Thornhill Stormwater Flood Remediation

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Why Does West Thornhill Need a Stormwater Flood Remediation Plan?

On August 19, 2005, the West Thornhill community was impacted by a severe rain storm during which stormwater runoff exceeded the capacity of drainage systems, causing extensive flooding of private property and roadways.

The West Thornhill Stormwater Flood Remediation Class EA Study identified system improvements to increase capacity and reduce flood risks and received Ministry of the Environment approval in August 2011.

An implementation strategy was adopted in October 2011 that defined phases of design and construction projects throughout the community based on flood risk priorities. West Thornhill Flood Control is a consistent with principles of Markham’s asset management plan for stormwater infrastructure, including meeting desired level of service related to flood risk mitigation.

Learn more about the Class EA, implementation strategy and the status of ongoing projects:

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