Train Anti-Whistling

Anti-Whistling on Stouffville GO Line

The City of Markham is currently working towards the completion of 13 public at-grade crossings in Markham.

To eliminate train whistling, Markham has to follow an eight-step process as outlined in Transport Canada's Procedure for Train Whistling at Public Grade Crossings in order to meet the requirements of the Federal Railway Safety Act and Regulation. The procedure requires the railway companies and road authorities - in this case, the City of Markham, York Region and Metrolinx - to collaborate in finding the best option for making the crossings safe.

It is important to note that even when Metrolinx approves anti-whistling at the thirteen (13) at-grade crossings, the whistling may be required for other Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR) requirements, locations, or at the train engineers' sole discretion.

June 7 2019 Update 

  • Contractor has completed signs and pavement markings at Bur Oak Ave. and 16th Ave. crossing.

  • Contractor has commissioned pedestrian gates at Highway 7 and Kennedy Road South crossing.

  • Contractor has installed warning signs at Kennedy Road crossing.

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