Progress Update

The City of Markham distributed a Notice called the ‘Safety Awareness Program and Implementation of Anti-Whistling’ Notice to all directly affected area residents and business owners by paper copy. Schools, Places of Worship, Community Centres, York Region, Police Services and Emergency Medical Services within Markham have also received a copy of this Notice, which can be found in the following link:

Implementation of Anti-Whistling Notice [PDF]

Implementation Phase:

The City of Markham is working with Metrolinx and has agreed to phase the implementation of anti-whistling program at the thirteen (13) at-grade locations shown in the map and color coded accordingly. This implementation of anti-whistling will be phased over a period of time until completion of all thirteen (13) locations. During this time, trains will sound the whistle at some of the crossings listed and not others.

The phased implementation of the Anti-Whistling is shown in the map below.

Anti-Whistling Crossings Implementation Map

The tables below highlights the locations of the anti-whistling program, which phase the anti-whistling will be implemented in and the new features installed as part of the program.

York Region

At-Grade Crossing Number
York Region At-Grade Crossing
New Features Installed
Phase Implementation
Kennedy Road South
Pedestrian Warning Signal
Phase 2
Highway 7
Pedestrian Warning Signal
Phase 2
Kennedy Road North
Maze Barrier
Phase 1
McCowan Road
Pedestrian Warning Signal
Phase 2
16th Avenue
Maze Barrier
Phase 2
Major Mackenzie Drive
Maze Barrier
Phase 1

City of Markham

At-Grade Crossing Number
City of Markham At-Grade Crossing
New Features Installed
Phase Implementation
Denison Street
Pedestrian Warning Signal
Phase 2
Eureka Street
Maze Barrier
Phase 1
Main Street Unionville
Maze Barrier
Phase 1
Snider Drive
Maze Barrier
Phase 1
Main Street Markham
Tactile Plates, Signage, Painted Lines
Phase 1
Bur Oak Avenue
Pedestrian Warning Signal
Phase 2
Castlemore Avenue
Maze Barrier
Phase 1

Safety Awareness:

The Safety Awareness stage of the Anti-Whistling program promotes the new features installed at the thirteen (13) at-grade crossings.

In addition to the aforementioned Notice, all the information provided is to inform the public of the changes at the thirteen (13) specific crossings and to be safety conscious of the signs, and visual and audible markers for safety at the rail crossing, in the absence of a train whistle, and cross the tracks in minimal time in a safe and efficient manner.

The thirteen (13) at-grade crossings have been upgraded with either new maze barriers OR pedestrian warning system gates.

August 7 2019 Update

  • Contractor has completed the work on Bur Oak Ave, McCowan Road, Kennedy Road South and 16th Avenue crossing. Contractor to complete remaining work on Highway 7 crossing.
  • Contractor is currently working on the underground cable work at Denison Street crossing. Pedestrian signal work to commernce upon completion of the underground works.
  • City has been working with Metrolinx and Contractor to clean up deficiencies for the above noted locations, in order to implement whistle cessation.

June 7 2019 Update 

  • Contractor has completed signs and pavement markings at Bur Oak Ave. and 16th Ave. crossing.
  • Contractor has commissioned pedestrian gates at Highway 7 and Kennedy Road South crossing.
  • Contractor has installed warning signs at Kennedy Road crossing.

May 10 2019 update

  • Contractor has installed maze barrier on north and south side of 16th Ave crossing
  • Contractor has completed the underground cabling work at Kennedy Road S crossing
  • Contractor has commissioned the pedestrian gate at Bur Oak Ave and McCowan Road crossing

April 12, 2019 Update

  • Contractor has installed warning signs at McCowan Road and Highway 7.
  • Contractor has installed new sidewalk on the south side of Highway 7 Crossing.
  • Contractor has completed signal bungalow work at McCowan Road and Bur Oak Avenue Crossing in preparation for pedestrian gate commissioning.

March 22, 2019 update

  • Contractor has installed pedestrian gate at McCowan Road Crossing.
  • Contractor has begun the underground cabling installation at Kennedy Road south crossing.
  • Contractor has begun the work at signal bungalow for Bur Oak Avenue and McCowan Road crossing.

March 8, 2019 Update

  • Contractor has installed underground cabling and pedestrian gate foundation at McCowan Road Crossing.

February 22, 2019 Update

  • Contractor has begun to install the underground cabling at McCowan Road crossing.
  • Contractor has installed pedestrian gate foundation and post at Highway 7 crossing.

February 8, 2019 Update (Progress up to February 1)

  • Contractor has begun to install the underground cabling at Highway 7 Crossing.
  • Field work for the week of January 28 was cancelled due to extreme cold weather.

January 21, 2019 Update (Progress up to January 18)

Contractor has completed the following at Bur Oak Avenue crossing:

  • Erection of 4 pedestrian gates
  • Installation of signage and pavement marking

January 7, 2019 Update

Due to the holidays, no work was undertaken in the last 2 weeks.

December 24, 2018 Update

Contractor has completed the following at Bur Oak Avenue crossing:

  • Assembly of pedestrian gates (off site)
  • Directional drilling under roadway and tracks, conduits and cable installation (some work was conducted at night)