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Safety Features

With the elimination of the train whistling at these thirteen (13) at-grade crossings, the City of Markham has introduced the following permanent safety features to ensure accessibility is provided for the public and are compliant with Ontario legislation and regulations, for safety and awareness when crossing these locations:

  • Maze barriers (channelized pathway) or pedestrian warning signals with automated active arms; both of which will prompt the public on the sidewalk to stop, wait and stand in a designated area when trains are passing through the location.
  • New sidewalk connections to, across, and from the at-grade crossing locations will provide a safe and smooth transition when crossing the location.
  • Tactile walking surface indicators (tactile plates), compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) crossing surfaces, are installed in the sidewalk upon approach to the crossings and intended to be detectable underfoot when walking, or with assistive devices (wheelchair, scooters, walkers), strollers, or by a long white cane for visual aid support. The tactile plates will prompt the public to stop and wait behind or at the tactile plate when the bells are sounding, the flashing lights are activated and the vehicular and/or pedestrian arms are lowered.
  • “See Tracks? Think Train” logo on the sidewalk upon approach to the crossings.
  • “No Train Whistle at this Crossing” signage to advise that whistling of the train has been eliminated and to not rely on hearing the whistling of an approaching train.
  • Signage will be in place for all pedestrians, motorists and cyclists and will detail the angle of the crossing to the road and sidewalk upon approach to the crossing locations.
  • Painted lines across the tracks to direct the pedestrians to the other side of the tracks; STOP bars on the road pavement indicating vehicles to stop when required, and signs on the road “X”, in advance of the crossings to inform motorists and cyclists that tracks are ahead.
  • Bells are an existing feature included with existing vehicular gates (which are larger versions of the pedestrian warning signals). When a train is approaching and/or crossing the location, the bells will ring and the gate arm will lower to stop any traffic from entering the rail corridor. The bells will continue to ring during the gate arm raising after the train has passed, and until the gate arm is pointing straight up and the rail tracks are free of any trains.
  • Flashing lights are an existing feature included with existing vehicular gates. When a train is approaching and/or crossing the location, the lights will flash until the train has passed through the location.
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