Integrated Leisure Master Plan

Leisure time, free time, spare time, time off - it's the time away from work and school when we can pursue hobbies, play sports, watch a movie, catch up on reading, spend time with family and friends, and much more.

The City of Markham is updating the Integrated Leisure Master Plan to help in planning our future parks, recreation, cultural and library facilities and services.

Markham Leisure Survey 2018

Thank you to everyone in the community who participated in the survey regarding the future of the City's leisure services and facilities.

Your input will help us to better understand community needs and identify areas for improvement in the Update of Markham’s Integrated Leisure Master Plan.

If you have any questions, please contact Deborah Walker (Director of Strategy for Markham Public Library) at


Back in 2010, Markham Council approved its Integrated Leisure Master Plan – over 200 recommendations to guide decision-making about the City’s parks, recreation, culture and libraries.

Check out the 2010 Plan at this link:

2010 Integrated Leisure Master Plan [PDF]

Fast forward eight years, and Markham has changed – we’re bigger, more diverse, and we’re growing up, with exciting plans for our downtown Markham Centre and other Areas of Intensification.  

Assisted by an external consultant (Monteith Brown) a team of City staff are working to update the 2010 ILMP based on current data, research and community feedback.

The 2018 Master Plan will guide the future provision of leisure facilities and services based on principles of inclusion, access, equity and quality.

Progress to Date

Since Project Start-Up in November 2017, the following milestones have been completed:

  • Background Material Review.
  • Update of the 2010 ILMP Recommendations.
  • Demographic and Leisure Trend Analysis.
  • Park and Facility Inventory and utilization data.
  • Staff Workshops.
  • Stakeholder Consultations with Ice, Field Sports, and Racquet Sports organizations.
  • Online Leisure Survey to gather current resident feedback regarding their changing leisure needs and priorities.

Next Steps

  • Survey Analysis
  • Review and Finalization of Report and Recommendations
  • The ILMP 2018 Update Report will be released to the community following its approval by Council.