Recruitment Process

The interview process helps us evaluate your qualifications and experience, as well as to assess your leadership, motivation, communication/interpersonal skills and how well you meet the core competency (key skill) requirements. As a potential candidate, your objective is to convey a good sense of who you are, what you have to offer (your skills, knowledge, certifications, experience, education) as well as to discover if the position matches your values, interests and skills.

All Applicants:

Ensure that you apply to all of the positions you wish to be considered for. If you were not successful in obtaining a position you may be successful in obtaining another.

The interviews are behavioural based. A behavioural interview is an interview where skills are assessed based on previous behaviour in recent, similar situations. This type of interview typically asks candidates three questions:

  1. To describe a situation;
  2. To describe the actions you took in the situation;
  3. To describe the results of the actions taken.

Candidates are required to bring copies of their résumé and certifications and references (if required) to the interview.

Background Checks

All camp staff are required to obtain and to submit a completed current vulnerable sector screening (VSS) check by the date listed in the offer letter. These forms can be obtained by visiting your local police department.  Please note that there is typically a cost and a wait time for these forms. An updated form is required each year. Please note that it is a condition of employment to have a completed and satisfactory vulnerable sector screening form. You must obtain the Vulnerable Sector Screening Check in the Region in which you live.

For those candidates that live in York Region, please visit the York Region Police website. The vulnerable sector screening form can be found on York Regional Police website. You can also obtain information about the vulnerable sector screening, costs, application and location.

For those candidates that live in Durham Region, please go to the Durham Regional Police website. The vulnerable sector screening form can be found on Durham Regional Police website.

For those candidates that live in the City of Toronto, please make arrangements to obtain your application form with HR (Human Resources at the City of Markham Civic Centre) in order to apply for a Vulnerable Sector Screening Check.

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