Full Development Status

Jason Kaptyn Hospitality
3555 Highway 7

Location : Southwest quadrant of Highway 7 and South Town Centre Boulevard.

Status of Development: Zoning By-law approved by Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), December 2011

Total Land Area: 1.1 hectares

Proposed Development: A mixed use development. Two buildings fronting Highway 7, the easterly building comprises a 6 storey podium and 15 & 16 storey towers. The westerly building continues the 6 storey podium with 15 & 13 storey towers. A hotel is proposed with 190 guest rooms, conference facilities, spa, health club, retail and restaurants, 500 residential units.


Markham Stuites Nominee Inc. (Hilton Suites Hotel)
8500 Warden Avenue

Location: Southwest corner of Highway 7 and Warden Avenue

Status of Development: Public Meeting Fall 2012. Staff Recommendation Report to Development Services Committee targeted Spring 2013

Total Land Area: 3.84 hectares

Proposed Development: Conversion of the hotel's long term stay wing (99 units) to residential condominium use, and a new condominium apartment building along the Clegg Road frontage of the property comprising two 21 storey towers and an eight storey podium, accommodating approximately 445 apartment units

Tridel/Dorsay Developments - Circa
23 & 33 Cox Boulevard

Location : West of Town Centre Boulevard, east of Rodick Road, south of Cox Boulevard and north of Highway 7.

Development Status: Phase I & II complete, Phase III office/commercial pending.

Total Land Area: 7.5 hectares

Projected Office/Commercial: 200,000m²

Total Residential Units: 942 units

Projected Senior’s Housing: 150 Units

Times Investments Limited - Majestic Court
50 Clegg Road & 60 South Town Centre Boulevard

Location: Northwest corner of Clegg Road and South, Town Centre Boulevard.

Development Status: Complete.

Total Land Area: 1.46 ha

Total Residential Units: 532 Residential units with grade related retail along South Town Centre Boulevard and approximate 1 acre park.

Liberty Development Corporation - Eko Markham
55 & 75 South Town Centre Boulevard and 30 & 32 Clegg Road

Location: The site is located east of South Town Centre Boulevard, south of Highway 7 and north of Clegg Road.

Development Status: Complete

Total Land Area: 1.3 hectares (13.39m²)

Total Residential Units: 589 units in four buildings: 9, 10, 13 and 16 storey

H & W Developments
31 & 39 Clegg Road and 30 & 38 Cedarland Drive

Location: The west half of the block bounded by Clegg Road, South Town Centre Boulevard, Cedarland Drive and Warden Avenue.

Status of Development: Under Construction

Total Land Area: 1.5 hectares

Proposed Development: 663 residential units in four buildings: a 16 storey, two12 storey, and 11 storey.

Aryeh Construction Ltd.

Location: East side of Warden Avenue, south of Highway 7.

Status of Development: Draft plan do subdivision and zoning bylaw amendment approved by Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), January 2012

Total Land Area: 1.81 ha

Proposed Development: Two 19-storey towers on eight to nine storey podiums, 530 units. 81 hectares of site to be conveyed to the City of Markham for parkland

Times Group Inc. - Markham Uptown - Draft Plan of Subdivision

Location: South side of Highway 7, between Warden Avenue and Sheridan Nurseries.

Status of Development: Precinct Plan approved by Markham Council February 2010. Draft Plan of subdivision and implementing zoning approved by Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) May 2010.Subdivision agreement, Phase 1, Block 6 & 7 in process. Site services under construction.

Total Land Area: 35.76 ha, including approximately 9.3 ha of Rouge River valley land.
Proposed Development: Apartments and an office tower ranging from 8 to 20 storeys, 4,500 residential units, 44,000 Sq.Ft. of office, 300,000 Sq.Ft. of retail/commercial.

Times Group Inc. - Markham Uptown - Residential Phase 1

Location: South side of Highway 7, west of Birchmount Road extension.

Development Status: Under construction

Total Land Area: 1.27 ha

Proposed Development: Two mixed use buildings, 8 storeys and 20 storeys, accommodation 581 units and 1,114 sq.m. of commercial floor space.

Times Group Inc. - Markham Uptown - Residential Phase 2
18, 28 Uptown Drive

Location: South side, one block west of Birchmount Road.

Development Status: Under construction

Total Land Area: 1.04 hectares

Proposed Development: Two residential buildings, eight storeys and 20 storeys accommodating a total of 582 apartment units.

Sheridan Nurseries Ltd.
4077 Highway 7, Unionville

Location: South side of Highway 7, east of Birchmount Road

Development Status: Application under review

Total Land Area: 4.32 hectares

Proposed Development: Applications for a plan of subdivision and implementing zoning to permit a mixed use development accommodating approximately 1225 residential units and 4,900 square metres of commercial uses

Downtown Markham - Remington Group - Precinct Plan

Location: East of Warden Ave., west of the GO Rail line, south of the Rouge River, and north of Hwy 407.

Status of Development: Draft plan approved in July, 2003. Zoning By-law approved July 2004. Draft Plan and Precinct Plan revisions endorsed by Council in June 2006.  Precinct Plan currently being updated to adjust retail focus and address interface with the Unionville Mobility Hug.

Total Land Area: 98.3 hectares

Total Residential Units: 3,900 units

Total Office/Business Park: 362,750m², 33,755m² retail

Total Valley land: 19.1 hectares, 10 acre Central Amenity and buffer adjacent to Rouge River Valley

Downtown Markham - Remington Group - Benchmark Manor

Location: Northeast of quadrant of Enterprise Boulevard and Rouge Valley Drive.

Development Status: Site Plan endorsed by Council June 2006. Under construction, occupancy commenced.

Total Land Area: 6.18 hectares

Development:175 townhome units including a local park 0.3 ha and relocating heritage home.

Downtown Markham - Remington Group - Rouge Bijou & Bijou Terrance
1 & 2 Upper Duke Crescent

Location: Northeast corner of Rouge Valley Drive and the Civic Mall.

Development Status: Complete

Total Land Area: 0.51

Development: 188 apartments units within 10 and 7 storey building, linked by a 1 storey lobby and oriented along the Civic Mall.

Downtown Markham - Remington Group - Bijou Promenade & Arbour
39 & 57 Upper Duke Crescent

Location: North side of the Civic Mall, east of Rouge Valley Drive.

Development Status: Complete

Total Land Area: 0.68

Development: 244 apartments units within two buildings, 7 storey each.

Downtown Markham - Remington Group - Verdale Project
111, 131, 151 Upper Duke Crescent

Location: West side of Verdale Crossing, south of Rouge Valley Drive.

Status of Development: Complete

Total Land Area: 0.82 hectares

Development: 450 apartments units, within three buildings, 2 buildings at 6 & 10 storeys and 1 building at 6 & 14 storeys.

Global Unionville Development Inc. (Sylmatt Investments Inc.)
28 Main Street

Location: Northwest corner of Main Street Unionville and Enterprise Boulevard.

Development Status: Application under review

Total Land Area: 1.91 hectares

Proposed Development: 3 residential building with heights of 9, 19, 27 storeys comprising a total of 756 residential units

Downtown Markham - Remington Group - Nexus
8110, 8130 Birchmount Road

Location: Northwest corner of the Civic Mall and Birchmount Road.

Status of Development: Under construction, occupancy Spring 2014

Total Land Area: 0.75 hectares

Development: 376 units within two mixed use buildings 6 & 10 storeys and 11 & 14 storeys, including 3,274m² (35,242 square feet) of grade-related retail.

Markham Centre Development Corporation

Location: North and south of Enterprise Boulevard between the GO Rail Line and Rivis Road.

Status of Development: Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendments permitting proposed development approved July 2012

Total Land Area: 2.1 ha on north side of Enterprise Boulevard

Proposed Development: 3 residential buildings (28/29, 28, and 10 storeys, North Block - 981 residential units.

Main Street Residence (Unionville) Inc.
34 Main Street

Location : West side of Main Street South, north of Unionville Gate and Enterprise Boulevard.

Status of Development: Retirement residence Phase 1. Complete

Total Land Area: 1.4 hectares

Development: Approximately 283 units within 2 buildings, up to 9 storeys each, to be constructed in two phases. A future Phase 3, 9 storey building, further approvals required.