Heritage Awards

Created to celebrate Heritage Markham’s 25th anniversary in 2000, this awards program recognizes excellence in the area of heritage preservation, restoration and enhancement of heritage buildings and areas in the City of Markham. The program is sponsored by Heritage Markham and administered by Heritage Section staff. Annual awards are considered in the following categories:

  1. Heritage Planning - (preservation of heritage features in new developments);
  2. Restoration - Corporate
  3. Restoration - Private Residential
  4. Infill (New Construction)
  5. Additions
  6. Education
  7. Individual efforts in the field of conservation
  8. Outstanding Achievement Award - Not necessarily an annual award, given in exceptional circumstances to those individuals or projects which have made an exceptional and long lasting contribution to the conservation of heritage in Markham.

Contact Heritage Section staff if you want to nominate a worthy project.

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