Community Sustainability Plan

As early as 2008, when the City of Markham first launched our strategic plan – Building Markham’s Future Together, Markham has been working to create a safe and sustainable community. The City launched our groundbreaking Greenprint, Markham's Community Sustainability Plan [PDF] in 2011, to improve our natural environment and enhance the quality of life in our City. Our Greenprint is a 50 plus year plan with a bold vision and a strong leadership commitment to make Markham one of the most livable and sustainable communities in North America.

Climate change is a real and present threat to our global community. Markham has been working hard to establish initiatives and programs that promote:

  • energy conservation and efficiency
  • green technology
  • food security
  • environmental enhancement
  • protection of natural species, and
  • waste diversion and recycling.

Together these programs have dramatically reduced Markham’s carbon footprint and improved our natural environment.

Our Vision

A leader in developing liveable neighbourhoods, a healthier community and continuing prosperity.

Our Goal

Protect the public and respect the natural and built environments through excellence in sustainable community, planning, and infrastructure management programs.

Our Initiatives

Get involved and learn more about how we’re putting the Greenprint into action

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