Community Sustainability Projects

Community Involvement in the Greentprint

Take Action in Your Community!

Are you interested in learning more about the Greenprint – Markham’s Community Sustainability Plan. [PDF] What about how to increase the sustainability in your community? Check out these projects and get involved with promoting sustainability and raising awareness on important topics such as climate change, upcycling, organic gardens, and sustainable communities. Join in on a project and help Markham put the Greenprint into action!

Our Current Projects

Community and Allotment Gardens

Markham is home to community and allotment gardens across the City, targeted at condo residents who want to grow their own food or residents of Markham who want more growing space! Check out the City owned Kirkham Allotment Garden in Ward 7 today!

Markham’s Milk Bag Program

Turn your milk bags into mats! Markham’s Milk Bag Program promotes upcycling through the reuse of cleaned 4 litre milk bags that can be weaved into mats. In the past we have sent completed mats to Haiti as humanitarian aid. It is a great project for community groups, schools, camps, and senior homes to take on.

Bayview Glen SNAP

Live in the Bayview Glen neighbourhood? Get involved in transforming your neighbourhood to become more sustainable through a Sustainable Neighbourhood Retrofit Action Plan (SNAP).

Markham’s Battle of the Buildings

An annual competition that challenges participants to reduce electricity consumption in Markham facilities. Each participating facility is challenged to reduce their cumulative electricity usage by at least 15% and to keep these savings going year-round.


If you’re visiting the library, check out an EnviroPack! They are a fun and engaging way to teach kids about important environmental issues such as energy, biodiversity, gardening, and waste.

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