Battle of the Buildings

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Battle of the Buildings Competition

From January 1 to June 31, 2017, the City is challenging its community centres and administration buildings to partake in Markham’s Battle of the Buildings competition – an annual competition that challenges participants to reduce electricity consumption. Each participating facility is challenged to reduce their cumulative electricity consumption by at least 15% and to keep these savings going year-round. Markham's Battle of the Buildings competition is modelled off of the EPA's EnergySTAR National Building Competition.

Help your community centre win by:

  • Take shorter showers in the change room;
  • Turn off lights when leaving a meeting room;
  • Take the stairs rather than using the elevator;
  • Dress according to the weather;
  • Report energy leaks such as water leaking from showers;
  • Use natural lighting instead of light bulbs if possible;
  • Share the energy conservation tips and ideas with your family and friends.

Be an energy conservation champion at home! Saving energy keeps your hydro bills lower and positively impacts the environment. Do your part by adopting our tips and tricks in to your day-to-day routine.

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