At the beginning of 2015, students Jeff Broadbent and Sean Bellamy from Durham College’s Energy Management & Sustainable Building Technology program, in collaboration with the Corporate Energy Team, planned and executed a corporate building energy performance competition for the City of Markham. This competition named “The Battle of the Buildings” took place across Markham’s community centres.

The 2016 competition was even bigger and better than 2015! In 2016, the Markham Civic Centre and 8100 Warden joined the competition, data processing was improved with real-time metering, and the competition was extended to 6 months! Our goal is to achieve a 15% (or better) reduction of building electricity usage relative to a 2014 baseline. Facility staff, operators, and participants will then compete to see who can reduce their usage by the greatest percentage using low/no-cost operational changes.

We are hoping to inspire building users to take ownership of their building’s energy performance and promote awareness of energy efficiency. Battle of the Buildings has a strong intent to educate and motivate community centre occupants, change their operational habits, and reduce building energy usage, resulting in significant cost savings. It is hoped that the measures adopted by facility users during the competition will remain and improve long after the competition has concluded.