Demand Response

Markham Civic Centre is now enrolled in Demand Response

What is Demand Response?

Demand Response (DR) is a program available through the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) that enables companies with large energy consumption and demand to reduce their load during a peak demand event in Ontario. Peak demand response events occur just a few times a year, so peaking power plant assets run at a fraction of their capacity most of the time during the year. DR is a way for utilities to reduce the need for large capital expenditures, and thus keep rates lower overall. Instead of adding more generation capacity to the system, utilities pay energy users to reduce demand because it is cheaper and easier to procure. DR events occur all year around during weekdays that do not fall on holidays.

How can we help?

A company can participate in DR by turning off any non-essential equipment that will not negatively affect the customers.

You can personally help by unplugging your laptop or chargers during a DR event!

How will you know when we are participating?
We will let everyone in the building know through the following plan:

  • eNews release sent out in the morning with time of event
  • Posters set up around the facility indicating a DR event is taking place
  • Select equipment turned off or put in “setback mode” during the 4 hour DR event

What are the benefits to the City and community?

The following are benefits to the City of Markham and community:

  • Expands on the City’s position as a Leader in Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship
  • Supports Markham’s Mission Statement of Building Markham’s Future Together
  • Revenue for the City that will help fund additional energy conservation and sustainability initiatives
  • Aligns with Regulation 397/11: Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans
  • Aligns with City’s commitment to Alectra in reducing energy consumption, peak demand, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Leverages existing assets to create a new net revenue stream at no/low cost or risk to the City
  • Reduce the need for large capital expenditures on power generation, thus keeping rates lower overall

How can you relay your feedback to us?

Please contact us with your thoughts, suggestions, and/or questions at

If you require lights or other equipment in your area turned back on, please contact the Customer Service Contact Centre at 905.477.7777 extension 7535 for assistance.

Demand response
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