St Patrick’s Catholic School Rain Garden

With MESF funding and funding from the TD Friends of the Environment, as well as donated supplies from local businesses, the students, teachers and parents came together to build a rain garden and outdoor learning space in the courtyard at St Patrick’s Catholic School. This rain garden captures and reuses rain water which typically goes straight into the sewer system. Water harvested from the school roof is stored in a rain barrel and then used to feed water loving plants. This garden will serve as an outdoor classroom and learning opportunity for students.

2011 MESF Project - Courtyard Renovation

James Robinson Public School Organic Waste Program/Wheelchair Sensory Garden

This school includes classes and programs for special needs students. MESF funding has been used at James Robinson to undertake an organic waste audit and reduction program and to build a wheelchair accessible garden. Students now compost their food waste from their lunches then transfer that material to the sensory garden where they grow plants and vegetables. This teaches the children about the cycle of food and waste. The garden is also used as a means of stimulation and socialization for the special needs students.

2011 MESF Sensory Garden (photo credit: Steve Sommerville)
(photo: Steve Sommerville, Markham Economist & Sun)