Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) Low Impact Development Workshop Series

This series of four workshops taught Markham residents how to implement Low Impact Development practices on their own properties. These workshops covered rain barrels, rain gardens, infiltration trenches and permeable paving, which all help to mitigate non-point source pollution, and reduce the chances of localized flooding and stream bank erosion.They were held at the Markham Museum, showcasing the Rain Garden Demonstration Project installed in 2012.

TRCA Healthy Yards coordinator

James Robinson Public School - Accessible Eco Schoolyard

This project created a wheelchair accessible outdoor classroom space with rock seating and shade trees, as well as raised beds for a vegetable garden. Additional funding for this project was provided by TD Friends of the Environment, and donated supplies from local businesses.

Children sitting on rock seating at James Robinson Public School
(photo: Lane Dorsey, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation)