We want our volunteers to show creativity and resourcefulness. Markham is a vibrant and diverse city. We can use our skills, resources, and imagination of our residents, to solve any problem!

As a volunteer, you must:

  • Show respect, dignity, and professionalism
  • Be a positive role model
  • Uphold our mission, values, and strategic priorities
  • Uphold and implement all departmental policies and procedures
  • Dress appropriately and follow your role’s specific dress code
  • Help make a positive working environment
  • Keep things confidential
  • Respect the privacy of others

Do not:

  • Criticize other volunteers, City of Markham staff, participants, or services
  • Use profane, insulting, or offensive language
  • Volunteer under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or banned substances. Our facilities are smoke free.
  • Give drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products to volunteers, participants, or guests

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