Can the rental be extended beyond midnight?

Because Heintzman House is in the middle of a residential neighbourhood, we need to be very aware of how we impact the community. All full day rentals need to end at midnight (music off, all food service and bar shut down). You will be allowed one hour from midnight to 1 AM to have the final cleanup, packing of personal items and all guests to have gone.

Can I rent on a Sunday or a holiday?

For the same reason as above, we do not operate for rentals on holiday but we do allow rentals on Sundays.

Is there any décor provided with my rental?

Because every function has a different theme, no décor is provided at Heintzman House. We provide a list of service providers that can help you get started in your search for vendors.

Are there any decorating restrictions?

Candles must be glass-enclosed (no open flames.) Only painters tape is allowed in order to temporarily fix decor. For attaching items to the bannister, only floral wire, pipe cleaners or ribbon is acceptable. Renters are responsible for any surfaces that are damaged by décor. All décor must be removed by the end of the rental agreement.

Does Heintzman House provide A/V equipment?

No – most DJ’s will be able to supply you with all required audio and visual equipment, including cordless microphones, speakers etc.

Does Heintzman House book more than one function per day?

No – as a renter, yours will be the only function booked at the facility.