The Markham Museum invited all collectors to submit photos of their collections and a statement as to its importance or inspiration.


  • Frances Yoong: creating a memorial collection during this time by crocheting a flower every day since emergency orders started on March 17, 2020

  • Jamie Quan: sharing her 95 year-old grandmother, Yeung Shin Lee’s, beautiful paintings that she has been working on and collecting mostly since she entered her 90s

  • Emma Zheng: sharing her dog, Teemo’s, collection of favourite, and not so favourite, things while celebrating Markham as a pet-friendly community

  • Grace Low: creating fashion studies exploring each subject’s story and examining how what we wear reflects ourselves and the world around us

  • Lesley Wooton: collection of unusual craft tools from around the world dating from the 17th century to today

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The finalists received mentorship from:

  • Janet Reid: Markham Museum Curator

  • Mark Scheibmayr: Markham Museum former Exhibit Designer

  • Andrea Carpenter: Markham Museum programmer

Finalists will have the unique opportunity to host live (when permitted) and virtual exhibits of their treasured collections.

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