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Markham is a City on the move.

The people here are always moving from place to place. We travel to work, pass from shop to shop, venture to see friends and family, or just move for the simple joy of it! Whether by bicycle, car, bus, wheelchair, airplane, or our own two feet, the equipment we use to transport ourselves has a big impact on how we live our lives. As our modes of transportation change over time, our community evolves with them.

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Artifact Donors and Lenders Research and Development Installation Team
John Bayfield
Envision Sports and Entertainment
John Harbinson
Gunter and Beth Langhorst
John Lunau
Fern Lustig
George McKelvey
Grant Pringle
Minnie Pringle McGirr
Dorothy Reesor
Derek Sifton
Jennifer Thistel
Fran Thomson
Douglas Ward
Estate of Ila Weighill
Barb & Joan Wilkinson
Brett Bartlett
John Bayfield
Lindsay Bontoft
Andrea Carpenter
Christine Green
Luke Hilts
Ferguson Mobbs
Cathy Molloy
Lauren Murray
Julianna Rock
Dan Simard
Robyn Simard
Ceilidh Stringer
Cynthia Szeto
Walter Ward
Tianna Briere
Julie Daechsel
Jessica Duncan
Dan Jones
Anna Kawecka
Tammy Law
Flora Liu
Lily Liang
Alex Mazur
Rebekah Mitchell
Nicole Pallotta
Janet Reid
Mark Scheibmayr
Leanna Tran
Samantha Wallace
Cam Wallenwein
Matthew Wright

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