The Christian K. Hoover House (c. 1824)History

Originally located on Lot 34, Concession 6 (present day McCowan and Stouffville Roads, Whitchurch-Stouffville) in Markham Township, the house was built in 1824 for Christian K. Hoover and his new wife, Anna Lehman. Moving to a new brick home in 1851, Christian and Anna gave this frame house to their eldest son, Abraham, at the time of his first marriage to Veronica (Fanny) Grove. The house was used by Russian Mennonite immigrants as a stopping point on their way west to Manitoba between 1873 and 1875. In the 1950s, the Hoover House was sold out of the family to Dr. Charles Williams. The house and the smokehouse behind it were then donated to the Museum in 1975.


The Hoover House is an excellent example of a frame dwelling built c. 1824 influenced by Pennsylvania German architecture. The use of plain square wood posts supporting a steeply pitched front roof and unpainted exterior wooden walls are just some examples of the simplistic approach of the Mennonites displayed throughout the building. The 1 ½ storey home is 4 bays wide and 2 bays deep with simple wood windows having a 9 over 6 pane division on the lower level and a 6 over 6 pane division on the upper windows.