HistoryThe Locust Hill Train Station (1936)

Built in 1936, the Locust Hill Train Station was originally located on Lot 11, Concession 10 in the village of Locust Hill. This train station building replaced an earlier station c. 1887 that had been destroyed by fire in 1935. In 1884, the Ontario and Quebec Railway, in cooperation with the Canadian Pacific Railway, purchased land from William Button for the purpose of building a station. The first station was a two-storey building with an apartment available for the stationmaster on the second floor. In 1884, the trains began to run between Perth and Toronto, enabling Locust Hill to become a bustling village. Service through Locust Hill Station stopped in 1969 and the building was later moved to the Museum grounds in 1983.


Based on a common plan for station buildings around 1936, this rectangular frame structure has a ticket wicket in the front square bay window where the station agent was located, a covered area for waiting passengers, and a baggage storage area at the north end.