HistoryThe Blacksmith Shop (c. 1862)

This simple frame building was originally located on Lot 3, Concession 10 in the Village of Cedar Grove, Markham Township. The blacksmith shop was built by Henry Lapp c. 1862 and it remained in his ownership until 1905. For the 30 years between 1866 and 1896 there was a succession of 9 blacksmiths who located their business in this building. The final blacksmith was Arthur Clendenen who first began working in this shop in 1896 and was known to be able to single-handedly put on 90 horseshoes in one day. He purchased the shop from Henry Lapp in 1905 and continued to work there for ever 60 years until 1956. In 1977, the Cedar Grove Blacksmith Shop was relocated to the Museum grounds.