Our standard package allows you to customize the party to suit your needs! One of our Museum program instructors will host the party program of your choosing from our seasonal selection of activities ranging from snowshoeing, scavenger hunts and mini-putt. In addition to the activity, parents will get the opportunity to choose a craft. Recommended age is 3 to 13 years old.

  • 1 hour activity of your choosing
  • 30 minute craft
  • 1 hour free time with your guests for presents, cake, and food in the Children’s Party Room.
  • Cost: $375.00 (plus HST)

1. Choose your 1 hour activity:

  • Surprise Scavenger Hunt: Using clues to lead the children from building to building, discover the ingredients needed to make your tasty s’mores birthday treat. Scavenger hunt clues can vary depending on age group.
  • Construction and Engineering: Children will design, build, and play using KEVA blocks to create structures from their imagination and complete challenges.
  • Things That Go: Planes, trains, and automobiles- there’s no shortage of things that go! Explore the Museum’s exhibit, Markham Moves with this brand new birthday party.  Children will soar into the wonderful world of transportation as they explore motion through gallery exploration and hands-on activities. A mini scavenger hunt will encourage participants to find and interact with certain parts of the exhibit.
  • Mini-Putt Experience (seasonal): Explore the historic buildings of Markham Museum in our challenging 9 hole Mini Putt course. Children will learn the rules of golf and then put their skills to the test.
  • Snowshoeing Experience (seasonal): Use the Museum’s snowshoes to explore our 25 acre site through active games and fun animal tracking activities.

2. Choose your craft:

  • Chromatography flowers
  • Dress up’ magnet buddy
  • Magnet Party Animals
  • Transportation Postcards
  • Paper Airplanes (Things That Go)
  • Car Creation (Things That Go)
  • Stomp Rockets (Things That Go)

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