Research Services

We offer three levels of service to researchers:

  1. Self-Directed Visiting Researcher: The researcher is provided with access to the Museum's secondary resources and conducts his/her own searches. Staff will be available to briefly familiarize the researcher with Museum resources and to assist with photocopying. Appointments are necessary.
    Fee: $11 per hour

  2. Visiting Researcher With Curatorial Assistance: The researcher is provided with access to primary resources through the assistance of our curatorial staff. Appointments should be arranged in advance to ensure that the Museum has resources that will assist the researcher and, if so, to ensure that space and appropriate staff are available to retrieve materials from our archives.
    Fee: $26 for two hours

  3. Corresponding Researcher: We offer two levels of service to researchers who are unable to visit the Museum personally:

    • Initial Review: A staff member will review our finding aids to both primary and secondary sources of genealogical information and report to you on any listings found for your specific subject, within the time frame provided. For details on any such listings, directed research would then be required.
      Fee: $26, payable in advance

    • Directed Research: A staff member will devote up to two hours conducting research on a specific subject. A customized written report of our findings will be provided. Correspondents who make use of this service are encouraged to direct our work by providing us with any specific questions that they would like answered.
      Fee: $42 per hour, two hour maximum, payable in advance.
Markham Museum offers photograph prints, photocopies and microfilm printouts of our archival collection. Our photograph collection cannot be photocopied but print duplicates are available (a photograph price list is available upon request). According to the Canadian Copyright Act, copies of documents and images are for personal research and study only, and the researcher is responsible for obtaining copyright for publication.

Taxes apply on all research fees.

For more information or to book an appointment, please use our online Research Enquiry Form or contact Curatorial Services by phone at 905-305-5970 or e-mail at