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Markham Museum has excellent information for genealogists and historians

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Visiting Researchers and Corresponding Researchers are invited to take advantage of the many resources available at the Markham Museum for both genealogists and family historians.

The following principal resources are accessible to Visiting Researchers either on a Self-Directed (SD) basis, or with Curatorial Assistance (CA). Corresponding Researchers gain full access through our pre-paid Initial Review or Directed Research services.

Each resource is briefly described, together with its level of access to Visiting Researchers.

  • Family Files – Accumulated research provided by Museum patrons including genealogical data and correspondence pertaining to specific families that have lived in Markham Township. Access is alphabetical by surname (SD). View Listing of Family Files by Surname.

  • Published & Unpublished Genealogies - Genealogical and historical data compiled on many local Markham surnames. Access is alphabetical by surname (SD).

  • Wideman Collection - Over 1500 descendant family trees, plus supporting research materials, compiled by Norman Wideman for his 1955 book on the Wideman Family. Numerous local surnames are represented, with information on some family groups going back to the 18th century, or earlier. Access to finding aids (SD), family trees (CA) and research materials (CA).

  • Notices of Births, Marriages & Deaths - Most issues of the Markham newspaper are available on microfilm at the Museum. Our index covers the period from 1856 (first publication) to approximately 1940. Access to alphabetical surname index (SD) and microfilm (CA).

  • Birth, Marriage & Death Records (1766-1913), St. Philip's Lutheran Church, Unionville - The Museum has a copy of the Registers for this congregation, which was formed at the end of the 18th century. Many early Markham settlers, particularly the Berczy Settlers, are mentioned. Access is without finding aid (SD).

  • Early Marriages in the Home District - This index was prepared from early church registers available at the Archives of Ontario, and elsewhere. It lists only those marriages considered to be of local interest and covers the period from early 1800's to about 1850. Access is alphabetical by surname (SD).

  • Index to York County Marriages, 1858-1869 - This index was compiled from County marriage registers. The original records are held elsewhere. Access is alphabetical by surname (SD).

  • Thornhill & Area Obituaries - This data spans the period from 1831 to 1987. Sourced selectively from local newspapers, these obituaries are in the form of either clippings, excerpts or summaries. Access is alphabetical by surname (SD).

  • Memorial Inscriptions – Published and unpublished works derived from tombstone inscriptions at churches and private burial sites in Markham Township, with a few from bordering townships. Access is by alphabetical surname index and location (SD).

  • Abstract Index of Deeds - The abstracts cover properties in Markham Township from original Crown patent (ca. 1790's) to approximately the end of the 19th century. Access is by alphabetical surname index, then Concession and Lot Numbers (SD).

  • Berczy Census, 1803 - This private census is the earliest available for residents of Markham Township. Access is by Concession and Lot Numbers (SD).

  • Directories – The Museum has various commercial or head of household directories for York County, Markham Township and the village of Markham covering the period from 1837 to 1967. Access is by date, name & place (SD).

  • Township Census Records - Official government census records are available on microfilm at the Museum for the years listed. Access is by year, then alphabetically by surname (SD) referencing location on the microfilm (CA).

  • The Beaver (Canada's History Magazine) - October 1920 to Winter 1976 on microfilm (SD).

  • Published Books – Many potentially relevant published works are available, including township histories and the book "Markham: 1793-1900". Access is by author, title & subject or by call number (SD).

  • Subject Files - The Museum has numerous Subject files encompassing local events, sports, civic, religious and industrial activities. Access is alphabetical by subject (SD).

  • Town & Village Histories, Maps - The Museum has numerous files pertaining to local hamlets and villages, including maps and plans. Access is alphabetical by place (SD).

  • Municipal Assessment Rolls, Collector's Rolls & Voter's Lists - These documentary artifacts cover the period from mid-19th to early-20th century. Access is by subject index (SD) and archival storage location (CA).

  • Miscellaneous Documentary Artifacts – This large category of documentary artifacts includes Deeds, Ledgers, Diaries, Journals & Photographs. Access is by subject index (SD) and archival storage location (CA).

A Page from H.W. Peterson's diary, February 5, 1841.

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