The Curator reviews each item presented for possible donation to the collection. If an item meets with our collecting priorities, you will be asked to bring the item to the Museum. Each item is assessed and must ultimately meet the approval of our Acquisitions Committee and Board of Trustees. An independent appraisal is conducted to assess the value of the piece. A Deed of Gift is issued and returned to the museum by mail. Shortly afterwards a tax receipt is issued for the value of the item (from the City of Markham). This process can take several months.

What Markham Museum collects: The Museum began collecting in the late 1960s and has amassed a collection of more than 75,000 items, including objects, photographs and archival documents of virtually every aspect of our local history. Due to the size of the existing collection, we are no longer in a position to accept every item we are offered. In general, we collect historical documents and photographs related to individuals, families, business and government in Markham as well as objects both large and small that document our settlement history as well and our changing technology and environment. To be considered for the collection, objects must be in good condition and should have a history of use in the local community.

Please contact the Curator at to enquire about donating.

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