The Friends of Markham Museum is a “not for profit” registered charity established by The Town of Markham to be an advocate of the Museum within the community; to provide advice and recommendations to the Museum and to take a leadership role in developing a fund for the maintenance and enhancement of the Museum and Museum services and programs.

The directors of the Foundation are appointed from within the community and serve without remuneration.

The role of The Friends is as follows:

  • To raise funds to support and promote the Museum and to assist the Museum with its programs.
  • To assist the Museum with the formulation of policies, plans and strategies to ensure that the acquisition, collection and retention of artifacts is carried out with the intent that the cultural property and scientific specimens held by the Museum are meaningful to the largest, most diverse audience possible.
  • To review the Museum’s ongoing collection holdings and make recommendations
  • To work with the Museum to create strategies for the development of new exhibits and other interpretive facilities.
  • To assist in the planning, development, funding and coordination of lecture series and historically themed events.
  • To assist with the improvement of youth programming by the Museum.

Please visit the Friends of Markham Museum website at

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