Homework is a webinar series that explores the practical knowledge needed to conceptualize and produce public art projects. The series is co-produced by Markham Public Art, the Varley Art Gallery of Markham, and public art consulting firm ART+PUBLIC UnLtd. This is an opportunity to hear from professionals working in the discipline. Homework has the goal to create a dialogue that is reflective, imaginative, and generative.  

The history of rendering tells a story of an entanglement between technology, critical reflection, and the shaping of life. In this webinar “Forms of Rendering”, artist David Rokeby guides participants through the conceptual dimensions of rendering and what it can be, especially in the digital sphere. Architectural historian Marcin Kedzior’s presentation will show how historical influences endure in the present and how they enable alternate ways of thinking. Moderated by architect Vivian Lee.

In this webinar “Proposal Design”, Chloë Catán, Public Art Manager at Waterfront Toronto, and David Turnbull, Director of Public Art & Conservation at Edmonton Arts Council, share insights on how to design a convincing public art proposal, and the landscape of current and future public art opportunities. Moderated by curator Crystal Mowry.

In this webinar, artist Myfanwy MacLeod speaks with Catherine Machado, former Public Art Conservator for the City of Toronto, to reflect on the complexities of material choices and fabrication processes in the design of public art projects. How is materiality thought about by artists? How does that differ from the conservators' role of preservation? Moderated by artist Jason Lujan.

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