Public Art Master Plan Workshop Highlights (2019)

As part of the public engagement efforts in making the master plan, Markham Public Art organized an evening of presentations, discussions and a hands-on workshop.

Making our Mark: Markham's Public Art Master Plan Coming Soon

Helena Grdadolnik, Director of Workshop Architecture, gave a presentation on the development of "Making our Markham: Public Art Master Plan 2020-2024".

Let's Talk Public Art!

A panel of professionals shared ways of working in the realm of public art and their vision for Markham: (i) Mary Anne Barkhouse: A Kwakiutl artist whose installations evoke consideration of the self as a response to history and environment. Her public artwork Quarry can be found at Toogood Pond in Markham; (ii) Andrea Carson Barker: A former art critic, member of the Toronto Public Art Commission and member of the Markham business community; (iii) Xiaojing Yan: A Chinese-Canadian visual artist based in Markham whose work marries Chinese heritage with Canadian experience through the lens of a first-generation immigrant.

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