Pan Am Public Art Project

Pan Am Public Art Project, 2015

This project was inspired by and celebrates the TO2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. This art in the public realm was created by eight talented students from Unionville High School under the mentorship of Visual Arts Department Head, Shane Clodd and in consultation with Laurence Roberts of Forge Collective.

The created Pan Am themed traffic control box wrap designs and street stencils, as well as two additional designs for Markham’s heritage districts.

Street Art

Street Art – Pan Am – Birdie Stencils
Description: Three stencils/images of badminton birdies
Artists: Yuki Cao (grade 9) & Nancy Yuan (grade 12)

Soft plastic badminton birdies, one of the safest of sport implements, is depicted as large and dangerous in this whimsical depiction of the sport. Badminton birdies reference the passion and power these athletes exert in their training and competition.

Street Art – Pan Am – Crosswalk Birds
Description: Four birds
Artist: Abbie Siu (grade 9)

This crosswalk design illustrates the uniting of nations through the Pan Am Games. The compass is a universal tool used to show the four directions: North, South, East and West, all from which athletes hail. To express this concept, a bird native to each particular region was chosen to represent the people from each direction. The Canada goose is found in the northern part of the Americas, thereby representing north. The intersection, crosswalk and birds are a metaphor for the Transamerica migration of Pan Am athletes and citizens to the GTA for the Games.

Traffic Control Boxes

Description: Heart with lub dub (heartbeat)
Artists: Morgan Potter (grade 12) & Taryn Henry-Prospere (grade 12)

The reflective heart mirrors the Pan Am center’s image, a metaphor for the passion and purpose of the Pan Am centre where excellence in sport and sportsmanship is developed. The lub dub, heartbeat, extends from beyond the frame and journeys towards the heart symbolizing connections to community and elements beyond the Pan AM center that supports our athletes. The background is indicative of a scoreboard where each of the 41 participating countries is named.

Description: Birds with Red Ribbons
Artist: Joyce Liu (grade 12)

The main theme is the value of unity. Sport has the power to bring people of different backgrounds together and allow them to cooperate and share a common passion. This value is symbolized using ribbons, which serve as the connection formed between people. Different species of birds from all across North and South America were selected to represent the participating regions. The open sky is a symbol of freedom, hope, and the infinite potential when a person and nation strive towards their dreams.

Description: Torch
Artists: Jimmy Hung (grade 12) & Jeremy Chan (grade 12)

The artwork symbolizes the unity of every country, as they strive for excellence in athleticism and sportsmanship. The concept was depicted through the use of ribbons, representing each individual country, and the torch which symbolized the passion and journey of each athlete and nation. The contour of the torch’s flame is comprised of abstracted athlete figures playing their individual sports. The colours of the ribbons are the main Pan Am colours located inside the logo.

Description: Oil Painting (flowers and figures)
Artist: Mitsuki Zhang (grade 12)

The design expresses the spirit of Toronto’s Pam Am Games; specifically, the participation of athletes and audiences. Blooming flowers are associated with growth, a renewal of life, and strength. The figures shown soaring in harmony represent the interconnection of vision aligned with action to bring an event to life.

Description: Heritage Maps
Artist: Christopher Chiu (grade 12)

This design symbolizes the rich heritage of Markham. The concept is illustrated through a map of Markham with snapshots of different historically significant buildings from different communities: Markham Village, Thornhill, Unionville, and Milliken. The colour scheme is a combination of cool and warm neutral colours - restful and soothing but also warm and energizing.

Description: Gears
Artist: Karen Lee (grade 12)

This work of art conveys the feeling of unity and spirit that the Pan Am Games creates. This is symbolized by people of all ages and ethnicities coming together on a single path. The Games ultimately bring people together in harmony – leading to peace and happiness. This kind of interaction between people is crucial for society to function in a healthy fashion and for individuals to live happily. In order for individuals to achieve a rich and meaningful life, they need to make connections with others, as shown by the cogwheels the people come out of. In order for cogwheels to move, they need other cogwheels. When one cogwheel moves, all the other ones move as well. Likewise, relationships with others are the first moving cogwheels that enable one to live an active life. The Pan Am Games reinforce the bond people have by bringing us all together in support of athletes, watching them compete in sports competitions.


This Pan Am Games themed artwork surrounds the Markham Pan Am Centre located at 16 Main Street Unionville South.

Markham Pan Am Centre is located on the south west corner of Unionville Gate and Main Street Unionville

Markham Pan Am Centre

16 Main Street Unionville, Unionville, Ontario


Traffic Wrap

Traffic Wrap

Traffic Wrap

Pan Am Public Art Project
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