Contacts at the Varley

Have a question about the exhibitions? Curious about our volunteer opportunities? Contact one of the Varley staff below - we will answer during business hours.

For general questions, please contact and allow for 3 business days for a response.

Niamh O'Laoghaire, Director

Niamh O'Laoghaire
905-477-7000 extension 3273

Anik Glaude, Curator

Anik Glaude
905-477-7000 extension 3262

Doriana Cabeceiras, Administrator

Doriana Cabeceiras
905-477-7000 extension 3263

Program Coordinator
Rachel D'Oliveira Fell
905-477-7000 extension 3268

Carolyn Douse
905-477-7000 extension 3275

Sarina Luchetta, Eudcation Coordinator

Education Coordinator
Sarina Luchetta
905-477-7000 extension 3274

Francesca Dauphinais, Development Officer

Development Officer
Francesca Dauphinais
905-477-7000 extension 3264

John Abrams
905-477-7000 extension 3265

Metrice Richards, General Maintenance

General Maintenance
Metrice Richards

Stefanie Trombatore, Summer Camp Coordinator

Summer Camp Coordinator
Stefanie Trombatore
905-477-7000 extension 3267

Information Officers

Information Officers
Julie Daechsel, Bowie Fan, Wayne Johnson, Maria Zukovs, Glendy Yip
905-477-7000 extension 3261