Longing Belonging, 100 Years 100 Stories


May 13 to September 4, 2023

Curated by Long Time No See
Organized by Anik Glaude and Brenda Joy Lem

Presented in partnership with Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival 

About the exhibition 

Longing Belonging, 100 Years 100 Stories, a community engagement project and exhibition organized by the collective Long Time No See (LTNS), tackles Canada's troubled colonialist history by marking the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act. LTNS members engaged with local Markham communities, interviewing and photographing people in spaces that elicited sentiments of belonging, and gathering images and stories to be presented in the gallery. It is important to note that 2023 is also the centenary of the signing of The Williams Treaties—bureaucratic legislation signed by the Government of Canada and seven First Nations resulting in the surrender of the final portion of southern Ontario territory to the Canadian Government, including the land that the Varley Art Gallery sits on today.

With this project, LTNS asks us all to reflect on the questions: What is our place on this land? What is remembered? What is forgotten? What is our role in reconciliation? How do we all belong?


“嚮往與歸屬,百年移民故事”是由“冇見好耐”組織的社區展覽。以《排華法案》一百週年為契機,展覽探討了加拿大殖民史的陰暗面。通過深入萬錦市社區,“冇見好耐”成員對本地居民就歸屬感進行了採訪和拍攝,並徵集了本次展覽中呈現的照片和故事。 2023年也是《威廉姆斯條約》簽署一百週年——這部由加拿大政府和七個第一民族簽署的官僚法案將安大略省南部的最後領土主權移交給了加拿大政府,被移交的區域就包括了如今瓦利藝術館所在的這片土地。

通過此次活動,“冇見好耐”邀請我們反思: 我們在這片土地上如何自處?我們記住了什麼,又遺忘了什麼?我們在和解中扮演什麼樣的角色?我們又該如何生根?

“嚮往與歸屬,百年移民故事”由萬錦市瓦利藝術館與豐業銀行CONTACT攝影節合作展出,由“冇見好耐”策劃,並由Brenda Joy Lem和Anik Glaude協調開展。本次展覽由加拿大藝術委員會、安大略藝術委員會、萬錦市Varley-McKay藝術基金會以及萬錦市政府共同資助。


“向往与归属,百年移民故事”是由“好久不见”组织的社区展览。 以《排华法案》一百周年为契机,展览探讨了加拿大殖民史的阴暗面。通过深入万锦市社区,“好久不见”成员对本地居民就归属感进行了采访和拍摄,并征集了本次展览中呈现的照片和故事。2023年也是《威廉姆斯条约》签署一百周年——这部由加拿大政府和七个第一民族签署的官僚法案将安大略省南部的最后领土主权移交给了加拿大政府,被移交的区域就包括了如今瓦利艺术馆所在的这片土地。

通过此次活动,“好久不见”邀请我们反思: 我们在这片土地上如何自处?我们记住了什么,又遗忘了什么?我们在和解中扮演什么样的角色?我们又该如何生根?

“向往与归属,百年移民故事”由万锦市瓦利艺术馆与丰业银行CONTACT摄影节合作展出,由“好久不见”策划,并由Brenda Joy Lem和Anik Glaude协调开展。本次展览由加拿大艺术委员会、安大略艺术委员会、万锦市Varley-McKay艺术基金会以及万锦市政府共同资助。

Associated Programs

Free, Drop-in Tours until September 4, 2023

  • Saturdays at 11:00 AM: in English and conversational Cantonese
  • Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00 PM: in English


Saturday, May 13, 2023, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Registration is not required but welcome.

Come and celebrate the opening of Long Time No See’s exhibition Longing Belonging, 100 Years 100 Stories. This free public event will feature a ceremonial lion dance performance, artist tours, refreshments, and more. 

Film Screening: In the Shadow of Gold Mountain
Saturday, June 17, 2023, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Registration is required

This free, in-person public event will screen filmmaker Karen Cho’s 2004 documentary In the Shadow of Gold Mountain. This NFB production uncovers the legacies of the Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Act. A workshop featuring author Arlene Chan, and designer and urbanist Howard Tam will follow to engage with the Markham community.

NEW Film Screening and Mandarin Language Workshops: In the Shadow of Gold Mountain
Sunday, June 25, 2023, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Registration is required

Documentary screening and workshop to uncover the legacies of the Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Act.

Longing Belonging in Motion
Saturday, July 15, 2023, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Indigenous hip-hop and grass dancer Tristan Blackbird Martell aka Bboy Tanmantiou (Cree from Waterhen Lake First Nation/Cambodian) and members from the Toronto Chinese Orchestra will perform at the Gallery, celebrating the exhibition with music and dance.

All are welcome! Free event and admission. Registration is not required.

Varley Bus Tour: A trip to Toronto’s Chinatown
Sunday, August 13, 2023, Afternoon. Registration is required as space is limited.

This free bus tour will travel between Markham and Toronto’s downtown Chinatown, making space for Long Time No See collective members and community members from Markham to connect and share stories. Pick-up and drop-off will take place at the Varley Art Gallery of Markham.

NEW — Sacred Fire — Closing Ceremony with Long Time No See
Saturday, August 26, 2023 at 2 PM. Free. Registration not required.

Throughout its run, visitors to the exhibition Longing Belonging * 100 Years 100 Stories have been invited to write blessings to loved ones. Placed in red envelopes, these messages will be collected near closing of the exhibition, to burn and send off to the spirit realm by fire.

Join LTNS artist Kwoi, and Indigenous hip-hop and grass dancer Tristan Blackbird Martell a.k.a. Bboy Tanmantiou (Cree from Waterhen Lake First Nation/Cambodian) as they collaborate through ritual, and dance to create a Sacred Fire Circle, opening to the spiritual realm, to communicate, and connect with loved ones who have gone before us.

The circle is a dominant symbol in both Asian & Indigenous customs representing wholeness, completion, and the cycles of life. Many sharing circles are traditionally "opened" through offerings of joss, smudging & dance. Donations for MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women) will also be gratefully accepted at this time to be forwarded to Audrey Huntly and No More Silence.


2023年6月17日 週六 下午2-3點 請點擊註冊

本次社區活動將免費放映電影創作者曹嘉倫Karen Cho於2004年拍攝的紀錄片《金山陰影》。這部由加拿大國家電影局製片的電影揭示了華人人頭稅和《排華法案》的遺留問題。放映結束後作家Arlene Chan和設計師兼城市學家Howard Tam將主持研討會,邀請萬錦市居民參與。

嚮往與歸屬 音樂與舞蹈
2023年7月15日 週六 下午2-4點

原住民嘻哈草地舞者Tristan Blackbird Martell (又名Bboy Tanmantiou)來自Waterhen湖克里第一民族/柬埔寨,他將和多倫多中樂團在美術館用音樂和舞蹈慶祝本次展覽。

瓦利巴士之旅: 多倫多唐人街之行
2023年8月13日 週六 下午 座位有限,請提前註冊

將有免費大巴往返於萬錦市和多倫多市中心唐人街,為"冇見好耐 "和來自萬錦市的社區成員提供分享和交流自身故事的機會。


2023年6月17日 周六 下午2-3点 请点击注册

本次社区活动将免费放映电影创作者曹嘉伦Karen Cho于2004年拍摄的纪录片《金山阴影》。这部由加拿大国家电影局制片的作品揭示了华人人头税和《排华法案》的遗留问题。放映结束后作家Arlene Chan和设计师兼城市学家Howard Tam将主持研讨会,邀请万锦市居民参与。

向往与归属 音乐与舞蹈
2023年7月15日 周六 下午2-4点

原住民嘻哈草地舞者Tristan Blackbird Martell (又名Bboy Tanmantiou)来自Waterhen湖克里第一民族/柬埔寨,他将和多伦多中乐团在美术馆用音乐和舞蹈庆祝本次展览。

瓦利巴士之旅: 多伦多唐人街之行
2023年8月13日 周六 下午 座位有限,请提前注册

将有免费大巴往返于万锦市和多伦多市中心唐人街,为"好久不见 "和来自万锦市的社区成员提供分享和交流自身故事的机会。


Image credits: [1] Long Time No See, composite from the installation, Finding Beauty Among Ashes of Ancestors’ Pain and Sorrow. Courtesy of the artists. [2] From left to right: Long Time No See, Dorothy Zambora, 2023. Photo: Kwoi Gin. Long Time No See, Pong Chen, 2023 Photo: Maylynn Quan. Long Time No See, Jaclyn Wong, 2022. Photo: Morris Lum

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