Bids Awarded

The Procurement Department is pleased to acknowledge your interest in providing your services to the City of Markham. The purpose of this information is to introduce you to the policies that govern over procurement procedures. For information regarding “Bids Awarded”, please click on the following link and follow the below steps to conduct a search:


  1. Select “See Open Bids”
  2. You will be brought to the “Welcome to the City of Markham Bid Opportunities Website”  page
  3. The information currently displayed will represent the City’s “Open” Bid Opportunities
  4. To display “Bids Awarded” 
    • Go to the far right hand of the screen  
    • Right hand click on the drop down list which currently identifies “Open”  
    • Change the selection from “Open” to “Awarded”  (see example via Figure-A)

 NOTE:  Awarded Bids will be displayed for you. 

  1. To further refine your search, at the left hand of the screen select “Advanced Search” field (see example via Figure-B)
  2. You will be prompted to enter your date criteria to conduct the advanced search

Figure A:

Figure B:

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