1. First, choose your account type. You can choose:
    1. An unlimited annual subscription fee of $180.25 plus HST
    2. A one-time fee per bid opportunity of $53.95 plus HST

    To register for the unlimited annual fee:

    1. Enter your information.
    2. Click on the “continue” button.
    3. Select the annual subscription fee and continue with the checkout process.

    The unlimited annual subscription gives you:

    • The ability to register for all bid opportunities for all registered websites powered by eSolutionsGroup Bids & Tenders Software across Canada
    • Unlimited subscription services
    • Unlimited use of online submissions, document downloads, and addenda
    • The ability to add up to 10 contacts to your account
    • Instant e-mail notification for new bid opportunities
    • Instant access to bid results
    • Self-serve profile management

    To register for the per bid fee:

    1. Enter your information and click on the “continue” button.
    2. Navigate to the bids homepage and click the “Register” button of the bid opportunity you like.

    For detailed instructions please, see the Vendor User Guide (PDF)

    Note: It is up to you to keep your profile information current and correct.

  2. Next, choose your category

    Choose the category(s) from the list that you would like us to inform you about. Please use the search feature. For example, if your business is "Janitorial”, type “janitorial” in the keyword field. If you can’t find a specific sub-category, click the main category to ensure that you get all notifications in that category.

  3. Next, check the agencies you’d like to receive new bid notifications from.

  4. Finally, add contact names to your profile.

    If you want to add more contacts, click the “add another contact” button. Then, type the contact name and e-mail address of the person you wish to add. Your invited contacts will receive an email invitation from the Bidding System. They can then create their own login to the Bidding System.

    If you are an invited company contact, use the login link from your e-mail invitation. Do Not go directly to the Bid Opportunity website and create a separate vendor account.

    You need to keep your additional invited contact(s) current. You should delete any contacts that you Do Not want to access to your profile.

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