Building Investigations

Almost all building failures can be prevented by combining the right education and training, and using appropriate building techniques.

The City of Markham created the Building Investigation Program designed to:

  • prevent the immediate or delayed failure of buildings,
  • exercise a reasonable standard of care in the duties of Building Code enforcement, and,
  • avoid building failure that may jeopardize public interest or attract liability.

Our team of building inspection specialists are committed to proactively locate as many inappropriate building construction techniques and materials that violate the Building Code as possible. Once identified, the builder will be provided with advice and/or training to ensure their building techniques and materials comply with the Building Code.

Some examples of Code violations include:

  • Construction started without a permit
  • Structural cracks in foundation walls
  • Wrong type or incorrectly applied spray-foam insulation

If you have concerns regarding illegal or unsafe building construction, please Register a Building Investigation Request.

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