Zoning By-laws

You need to follow Markham’s zoning by-laws when you build. Our by-laws cover:

  • Land use
  • Building use
  • Structure size, height, location, and more

For example, the City's Zoning By-laws tell you how close to the lot line you can build. They also tell you whether you can put locate a certain type of business at a certain address in Markham.

Use the Zoning Search tool to get zoning information for any property in Markham.

Read our city-wide by-laws:

You can view or by Zoning By-laws at the City's Planning Department. You’ll find us at:

Markham Civic Centre
Thornhill Entrance
101 Town Centre Boulevard
Markham, Ontario, L3R 9W3

Zoning Preliminary Review

Zoning Preliminary Reviews are offered for low rise residential, multiple residential and non-residential projects. The service includes a review of preliminary plans and documentation to determine a proposed project's compliance with current zoning by-laws prior to the submission of either a building permit or a Planning Act application. This is an optional service and does not have an impact on building permit fees.

The fee for this service is based on the type of project. Refer to the Service Fee section of our Fee Schedule for current rates.

Note: Where land division is proposed, a single application can be made for both the severed and retained parcels. However, fees will be charged on a per lot basis based on the scope of work proposed.

Zoning Preliminary Reviews are applied for online using ePLAN. Please refer to the Zoning Preliminary Review Checklist and the Zoning Preliminary Review Quick Reference Guide for more information on the documents and drawings required to be submitted.

All uploaded files must comply with our ePLAN Submission Standards. For detailed information on using ePLAN, please review our ePLAN Steps to Success online guide. It provides an overview of the system as well as helpful reference sheets for each step in the process.