ePLAN Steps to Success: Approve



Once all disciplines have approved the permit application, the project is forwarded to an Applications Administrator. At that time, the building permit fees originally assessed will be verified and the status of any Applicable Law requirements confirmed.

A building permit cannot be issued until all Applicable Law is satisfied, and payment of all permit fees and development charges (where applicable) are made in full.

A notice will be sent to the Applicant if any of the above-noted items are outstanding.


Once the permit is issued, the Applicant will be sent an email with instructions on how to access the approved drawings and documents, as well as PDFs of your permit card and permit placard. One set of approved documents and drawings are required to be printed (at a reasonable scale and in colour) and maintained available on site for City of Markham inspection staff. The permit placard is required to be printed and posted in a visible location on the site.

Note: There is no ePLAN task associated with this step.

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