Housing refers to detached houses, semi-detached houses, or townhouses (less than 4 storeys) containing not more than two dwelling units. A housing permit applies to these buildings or accessory structures to these buildings. The work includes new buildings, additions to existing buildings, and interior alterations. If the project is limited to plumbing only, then a plumbing permit (PP) should be applied for.

Examples of housing permits include: Custom homes, detached garages, sheds, finished basements, wall removal, unenclosed porches, non-stacked townhouse blocks.

Required Forms

Required Documentation

  • Approval Documents required by Applicable Law
  • Lot Grading Approval (for new homes, additions or accessory buildings)
  • Shop drawings for pre-engineered floor systems
    • Framing Plan
    • Beam calculation sheets sealed by a P.Eng
  • Shop drawings for prefabricated roof trusses
    • Framing plan
    • Truss calculations sheets sealed by a P.Eng
  • Mechanical Ventilation Design Summary
  • Heat loss / heat gain / duct calculations

Required Drawings

  • Site plan
    • Zoning Summary (permitted / proposed)
    • Property lines referenced to a current survey
    • Location of all proposed & existing buildings
    • Overall dimensions of all buildings (width / length)
    • Proposed finished first floor & basement elevations)
  • On-site Sewage System (for properties served by private systems)
    • System drawings & details
    • Statement of Design
  • Architectural Plans
    • Existing floor plans (required for all additions and alterations)
    • Floor plans of every floor level (specify rooms)
    • Building elevations with limiting distance calculations (for new buildings, additions, or when existing exterior walls are altered)
    • Stair, landings, deck, guards and handrail details
    • Details and construction notes / specifications
  • Structural (may be incorporated into Architectural Plans)
    • Footing / Foundation design
    • Floor framing plan (including posts, beams, joists, lintels)
    • Roof framing plan (including posts, beams, joists, lintels)
  • Mechanical (HVAC) Plans

Special Requirements

  • Townhouse Blocks
    • Architectural Block plans of each floor level
      • Must indicate proposed layout of each unit, including any “optional” floor plans that will be constructed in that lot.
      • Architectural / structural unit floor plans are optional. If provided, must be submitted on a single sheet and only indicate the actual options / layouts being constructed.
  • Block elevations with limiting distance calculations
  • Firewall and party wall sections / details
  • Mechanical package (HVAC) for non-stacked townhouse units can be submitted for individual units or for entire block
  • Mechanical package, including plumbing, for stacked townhouse units must be submitted as block plans (similar to an apartment building)
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