A non housing permit applies to a new building, addition or exterior alteration for any building except housing. Non housing permits include temporary event structures. A non housing permit also applies to interior alterations where a change of use under Part 10 of the Ontario Building Code is proposed.

Examples of non housing permits include: warehouse additions, parking structures, apartment buildings, temporary tents, commercial shell building, stacked townhouse block, changing an existing retail space to a restaurant (assembly use).

Required Forms

Required Documentation

  • Approval Documents required by Applicable Law
  • Subsurface Investigation Report
  • Heat loss / heat gain / duct calculations
  • Mechanical equipment & Design specifications
  • Construction Fire Safety Plan (for mid-rise wood construction projects)

Required Drawings

  • Site plan
    • Zoning Summary (permitted / proposed)
    • Property lines and lot area referenced to a current survey
    • Location of all proposed & existing buildings
    • Overall dimensions of all buildings (width / length)
  • On-site Sewage System (for properties served by private systems)
    • System drawings & details
    • Statement of Design
  • Architectural Plans
    • Ontario Building Code Data Matrix
    • Existing floor / mezzanine plans (required for all additions and alterations / change of use)
    • Proposed floor / mezzanine plans
    • Fire separation locations
    • Building elevations with limiting distance calculations (for new buildings, additions, or when existing exterior walls are altered)
    • Stair and ramp details (including guard and handrail details)
    • Room Finish and Door schedules
    • Sections, details and construction notes / specifications
  • Structural Plans
    • Footing / Foundation plans (including design loads)
    • Floor framing plans (including design loads)
    • Roof framing plans (including design loads)
    • Column and beam schedules
    • Sections and details
  • Mechanical (HVAC & Plumbing) Plans
    • HVAC drawings
    • Fire protection systems (sprinkler, standpipe)
    • Plumbing drawings (fixtures, water, drains, venting)
    • Plumbing riser diagrams
  • Electrical & Fire Protection plans
    • Electrical supply & distribution plans
    • Fire protection plans
    • Riser diagrams and fire alarm zoning information
  • Site Servicing / Grading
    • Municipally approved site grading plan
    • Municipally approved site servicing plan
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