An alteration permit is used for an interior alteration on any building except for housing. This includes new partitions, interior demolitions, mechanical work, changes to fire protection systems, new partitions, etc. If the project is limited to plumbing only, then a plumbing permit (PP) should be applied for.

Examples of alteration permits include: tenant fit-up, fire alarm upgrades, maglock installations.

Required Forms

Required Documentation

  • Approval Documents required by Applicable Law
  • Heat loss / heat gain / duct calculations
  • Mechanical equipment & Design specifications

Required Drawings

  • Site plan
    • Zoning Summary (permitted / proposed)
    • Property lines and lot area referenced to a current survey
    • Location of all proposed & existing buildings
    • Overall dimensions of all buildings (width / length)
  • On-site Sewage System (for properties served by private systems)
    • System drawings & details
    • Statement of Design
  • Architectural Plans
    • Ontario Building Code Data Matrix
    • Key Plan showing location of unit within building
    • Existing floor / mezzanine plans
    • Proposed floor / mezzanine plans
    • Fire separation locations
    • Stair and ramp details (including guard and handrail details)
    • Room Finish and Door schedules
    • Sections, details and construction notes / specifications
  • Structural Plans (where structural alterations are required)
    • Footing / Foundation plans (including design loads)
    • Floor framing plans (including design loads)
    • Roof framing plans (including design loads)
    • Column and beam schedules
    • Sections and details
  • Mechanical (HVAC & Plumbing) Plans (where mechanical alterations are required)
    • Equipment & Design specifications
    • Fire protection systems (sprinkler, standpipe)
    • Plumbing drawings (fixtures, water, drains, venting)
    • Plumbing riser diagrams
  • Electrical Plans (where electrical alterations are required)
    • Electrical supply & distribution plans
    • Fire protection plans
    • Riser diagrams and fire alarm zoning information
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