Demolition permits are required when a building’s footprint will be decreased. This may be the entire building or only a portion of it. Exterior walls must be included in the scope of work. If the demolition is for interior spaces only, then an alteration permit (AL) should be applied for.

Prior to issuance of a demolition permit,  a pre-demolition inspection is conducted. The purpose of this inspection is to confirm that the structure is vacant, the site is fenced in accordance with the Building By-Law and the building subject to the demolition exist. Demolition permits are not issued where there is no building on site or demolition of the building has commenced.

Required Forms

Required Documentation

  • Approval Documents required by Applicable Law
  • Environmental Building Audit confirming presence / absence of hazardous materials or designated substances

Required Drawings

  • Site plan
    • Identify building to be demolished and the location of fencing required to protect the site and adjacent properties
    • Identify area of excavation, proposed depth of excavation and the location of foundation walls for the new custom home (for infill projects only)
    • Property lines and lot area referenced to a current survey
  • Temporary shoring plan required for infill housing projects where:
    • New foundation walls will be 1.8 m or less from an adjacent property line, or
    • Excavation will be within 1.2 m of a property line

Additional Requirements

If the building exceeds 3-storeys in building height, exceeds 600 square metres in building area, or includes pre-tensioned or post-tensioned members, or if the demolition will extend below the level of the footings of an immediately adjacent building, or if explosives / lasers are proposed to be used for the demolition, then the following additional items are required to be submitted with the permit application:

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