A plumbing permit is a required for any plumbing work located within a building or on private property. When the work is part of a larger project, a separate plumbing permit is not required.

Examples of plumbing permits include: site servicing, pre-servicing connection, fixture installation with no other construction, backflow preventer installation.

Required Forms

Required Documentation

  • Approval Documents required by Applicable Law
  • Cross-connection survey (for backflow preventer installations)

Required Drawings

  • Draft plan of Subdivision (for pre-servicing connections)
  • Floor Plan with fixture locations (for fixture installations in existing single-detached dwelling, semi-detached dwelling or non-stacked townhouse units)
  • Plumbing Plans (for fixture installations in multi-residential or non-residential buildings )
    • Plumbing drawings (fixtures, water, drains, venting)
    • Plumbing riser diagrams
  • Site Servicing / Grading (for site servicing applications)
    • Municipally approved site grading plan
    • Municipally approved site servicing plan
  • On-site Sewage System (for properties served by private systems)
    • System drawings & details
    • Statement of Design
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