This applies to the installation of permanent signs such as: wall signs, ground signs, and projecting signs. It also applies to specific types of temporary signs, including: real estate development signs, subdivision development signs and hoarding signs.

Required Forms

Required Documentation

  • Approval Documents required by Applicable Law

Required Drawings

  • Site plan identifying location of the sign
  • Building elevation drawings
    • Position of the sign
    • Dimensions of the sign face
    • Length / height of the wall
  • Sign drawings
    • Sign dimensions
    • Wording of the sign face
    • Lighting
    • Structural details (e.g., mounting, weight of fascia signs, foundations)
    • Support structures (for ground signs)

Note: The drawings must be prepared by an Architect or Professional Engineer where the sign is a wall sign weighing more than 115 kg, a roof sign with a face greater than 10 square metres, or a projecting sign on a parapet wall.

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