A certified model application is not a permit application. Certified models are a unique building design, that are intended to be constructed on multiple lots (e.g., in a subdivision). Instead of submitting for a lot-specific application, a certified model may be applied for. Once approved, the certified model is referenced in a repeat housing (RP) permit application for a specific lot.

Examples of certified models include: single detached dwelling, semi-detached dwelling, detached garage, semi-detached garage.

Townhouse units are not eligible for the certified model program.

Required Forms

Required Documentation

  • Shop drawings for pre-engineered floor systems
    • Framing Plan
    • Beam calculation sheets sealed by a P.Eng
  • Shop drawings for prefabricated roof trusses
    • Framing plan
    • Truss calculations sheets sealed by a P.Eng
  • Mechanical Ventilation Design Summary
  • Heat loss / heat gain / duct calculations

Required Drawings

  • Architectural Plans
    • Existing floor plans (required for all additions and alterations)
    • Floor plans of every floor level (specify rooms)
    • Building elevations with limiting distance calculations (for new buildings, additions, or when existing exterior walls are altered)
    • Stair, landings, deck, guards and handrail details
    • Details and construction notes / specifications
  • Structural (may be incorporated into Architectural Plans)
    • Footing / Foundation design
    • Floor framing plan (including posts, beams, joists, lintels)
    • Roof framing plan (including posts, beams, joists, lintels)
  • Mechanical (HVAC) Plans
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