Zoning Preliminary Review

Zoning Preliminary Reviews are offered for low rise residential, multiple residential and non-residential projects. The service includes a review of preliminary plans and documentation (maximum two review cycles) to determine a proposed project’s compliance with current zoning by-laws prior to the submission of either a building permit or a Planning Act application.

The fee for this service is based on the type of project:

  • Low rise residential (includes: single, semi-detached (per unit), townhouse (per unit), decks, porches, sheds and driveways): $250
  • Interior alterations (including parking calculations): $350
  • Multiple residential and non-residential projects: $350

Note: Where land division is proposed, a single application can be made for both the severed and retained parcels. However, fees will be charged on a per lot basis based on the scope of work proposed.

Zoning Preliminary Reviews are applied for online using ePLAN. Please refer to the Zoning Preliminary Review Checklist and the Zoning Preliminary Review Quick Reference Guide for more information on the documents and drawings required to be submitted.

All uploaded files must comply with our ePLAN Submission Standards. This document, along with our Applicant Handbook and other useful reference materials can be found on our ePLAN Guides and Tutorials page.