Economic Strategy: Markham 2020

Markham 2020 Economic Competitiveness Strategy

“The strategy, Markham 2020, is a landmark document for Markham…I see economic strategies all over the world. This is certainly the tightest, the smartest and the best one I’ve ever seen.” - Dr. Richard Florida, One of North America’s foremost Urban Experts

The City of Markham launched its 10 year Economic Competitiveness Strategy (Markham 2020) on October 31, 2008 in front of more than 400 guests from business, government and academic communities. Read more about the launch event in The Markham Leader – Winter 2008 [PDF].


“Markham 2020” was Council’s approved economic blueprint that will shape Markham’s future as one of Canada’s leading communities in the knowledge-based economy. Lauded by Dr. Richard Florida and by TD Chief Economist Don Drummond, our strategy guides Markham's economic development for the next 10 years. It is a vision for tomorrow's Markham and a set of plans to make that vision a reality.

“Markham 2020” targets four key sectors of opportunity:

  • Convergence of Information and Communications Technology and Life Sciences
  • Information, Entertainment and Cultural Industries
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
  • Finance and Insurance

These sectors present dynamic business opportunities and employment growth. Together, they will provide focus for the pursuit and development of Markham’s future prosperity and employment supply.

A Framework for Action

“Markham 2020” is a framework for action and the basis for annual business plans that will implement the 10-year economic strategy.

“Markham 2020” outlines key activities that include: creative capacity; technological infrastructures and social networks; community sustainability; global linkages; efficient infrastructure (including roads, transit and public utilities); health and wellness; an identifiable brand; and a skilled, educated labour force.

Phase 3: Final Report & Strategy Preparation

Phase 2: Community Consultation Process

An Economic Competitiveness Strategy workshop was held in March 2007 and an online questionnaire about doing business in Markham was conducted in March and April 2007.

Please see the results of the community consultation process below.

Phase 1: Economic Sector Analysis

Completed Economic Base Analysis report presented to Council in January 2007.

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