Markham is at the center of the 2nd largest tech cluster in Canada

Markham is  anchored by 1,500+ technology companies that generate 37,000 jobs. Defined by its rich heritage, well-planned communities, high quality infrastructure, a talented workforce, and a pro-business environment, Markham’s business community includes outstanding companies and organizations providing globally competitive banking, financing, engineering, design, technical, and commercialization services.

A high concentration of Canadian head offices are located here- including industry leaders such as IBM, AMD, Redline Communications, Real Matters, OnX Enterprise Solutions, Huawei Technologies, Lenovo, GE Energy, Nexeya, Toshiba, Adastra, CDI, Qualcomm, and Genesys.

York Region is Canada's Denest Tech Hub

a graphical chart with number of information & communications technology (ICT) business establishments (employers) per one thousand residents

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