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The City of Markham engaged Urban Strategies in the summer 2021 to assist with refining the vision for the Markham Innovation Exchange (MiX). Urban Strategies interviewed more than 30 innovation stakeholder from the private, public and nonprofit sectors whose knowledge and insights helped the City of Markham to refine the vision for MiX.

Joe Berridge, Partner and Josh Neubauer, Principle of Urban Strategies presented the findings of the MiX stakeholder consultations at the July 12th meeting of Markham’s Development Services Committee (comprising all members of Council).

Members of Committee expressed excitement for the renewed vision of the MiX and voted unanimously to endorse the presentation in principle.

The MiX renewed vision:

Ontario’s first innovation cluster that connects knowledge and production sectors. The place in the region where innovation happens at scale and with critical mass –an innovation ecosystem where IP is developed and high value products are manufactured.

Key takeaways from the presentation included:

  • GTHA demand for employment land is very strong -large scale lands are increasingly rare and desirable. MiX is a unique site.
  • The vision for MiX is viewed favourably by target innovation sectors –some immediate, short term interest and widespread long term interest.
  • MiX’s size and regional location create the opportunity for Ontario’s first innovation cluster with all scales of manufacturing and knowledge sectors in the same place.
  • Leverage Markham’s sterling reputation as a business friendly city and high quality location for innovation.
  • Build upon long-standing Markham foundations in tech (i.e. ICT, automotive, green and medical).
  • To create a unique innovative employment area, the vision must not be diluted –no big box retail, no residential, no sensitive uses.
  • The vision requires getting started with high standards, not getting it perfect.

View the video recording of Urban Strategies' presentation to Markham City Council entitled “Markham Innovation District: Where Innovation is Realized”. Click here.

News and Updates

September 29, 2021 — Markham’s Innovation District (MiX) Set to Expand Its Leadership Position Globally (Click here to read article)

Presentation deck to Council (July 12, 2021)

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Image of MIX presentation deck title slide

Initial launch of the MiX at Collision Conference

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Image of initial Markham MIX presentation title slide

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